respect everyones views but don't let it change you

When i look at this photo i think of Nas's verse in "Meet joe black" 

"Niggas say anything in they raps 'cause it sound good
Don't even mean what they say, horrible outlooks
Y'all ain't really 'bout this, house nigs
Y'all was in the house with it
We don't respect fake jewelry and silly outfits."

But a couple years before i was doing  what he was talking about . In My video Esskimoh I appear  homeless , and have a dream about being rich. I purchased a fake gold chain online , prop money etc. 

Not only Nas , but Other influences in The Culture, make me take a second look at myself and some things that i do or things that i have done.

Im a little off with my creative process but i genuinely believe its important for me to be the way i am , and who I am when I am, creating.

I fully Respect the views of the great emcees before me, and the understanding that this thing we do, and this thing we have is sacred and special and not a joke or a game, and with that being said , i feel like it is very important for me to be who i am with my vision.

some people you respect may have views that go against what you are doing , just always remember its okay to be you. 

when showing Love gets weird 

when did saying i love you to people you don't know (or just met ) become the norm? Love and hate are both powerful words. It makes me feel like people will say whatever they want to to make you feel good. Soooo if someone you just met made you mad, would you tell them "I hate you" ?



I can't post photos on my blog 

Theres a couple days left before the show. and i wanted to share some new art work and a new flyer with you guys but for some reason I'm not able to share new photos. so hold tight and look for other updates on the web site.

How you feeling about 2022? 

People switched up there whole life since 2020. Like FrFr.. I mean like mad Heads died, No disrespect to the dead, but shits been crazy. .... But what you doing though? Like whats the game plan. How you feeling?... Some people was saying that there is an attack on peoples health so the only safe place is to live will be in the meta verse.. Crypto is a strong believer in making funds that can't buy physical goods ( digital only ) Nfts are kinda popping? Idk.. wtf is going on. I got a lot to say.. But see me in Real. cop a tix . show very soon right by you..

Happy New years! 

 Aye nah F*&%!  2020-2021 , Im thinking about wearing a suit all 2022.  Happy new years and thanks for staying updated with everything Im doing, in such a weird era of  uncertainty .  My New Music " MIND BODY POCKETS VOLUME 2" Is all about creating in troubled times. My solo Show is right around the corner swell. Please don't play around , come Tap , Tap, in.. 


To me family was always everything. No matter how much you get annoyed with them they are always around. sometimes you fight and all that, but it does not  matter after a while, and everything is forgotten.  But  today a lot of people  take their  family , Brothers , and sisters , for granted. It pains me to watch a brother grime or disrespect his flesh and blood behind his back. It hurts me to see a sister that won't talk to her sister or mother over trivial things. Because the family is the "original tribe" sort of speak. It takes a lot of ego to break the family. A lot of back biting and involvement of other people out side of the family as well. A lot of negative comments from people that are not blood ,that have nothing to do with the family. If you have family keep them close and protect them. Think about them when your talking about them and if you decide to complain with someone who does not know the situation all the way be careful cause this could be very reckless to your family core.Me on the phone with friends wishing i had family to talk to.

Your a poet and i stole it 

This ia an abstract piece i mad on a program called "none - ya" The idea of this piece actually comes from a poem i stole from a Famous Poet. I didn't steal the Poets Material, but i stole the actual poem. I ripped it out of his poem book and booked it."your a poet and i stole it"

Digital art

By jdel

Grown Children ( All The Smoke ) 

  Im very excited, ( mad excited ), To be able to invite you to my first solo show Titled 

" All The Smoke " ( Grown Children ). It will be held on January 15th  (The Location will be revealed January 13th.) 

       The show centers around my childhood love for weed and cartoons , while also posing as a Popup for the brand launch of " Mind Body Pockets."  With new Hats, sweaters, Limited Prints, and of course, new paintings. Come and share a drink with me and my people. Buy some new merch, or get your hands on a painting. 

The Idea that brought this show about Came from sharing my art with U.G.A and friends at secret locations across the city at puff and paints where artists would hang art and smoke through the duration of the show. while some of the most electric performances in the city were going on right above us . It gave me time to think about what I wanted to  share , which was my cartoon style mixed with weed smoke..

You can show your interest by buying a ticket to receive the location...

New Beginnings in 2022 

I pray and hope that everyone is having happy holidays and is planning for a positive and/or productive New year. Maybe you want to be more healthy , more honest, funnier, more talented, or less successful , No matter what the case may be, don't give up. Laugh, and roll with the punches. A good thing to remember is when you are closest to successfully fulfilling a task is when distractions and bull shit try to seep in. Keep going and keep loving yourself.....

..Some of my plans this year is to share my art with more people. I would like to make more art that puts people in a good mood. Since this is the era of the N.F.T. I would also like to launch my first set of N.F.T.s and work more with cans and collage pieces.

..I want to donate art that will help people and be for a cause. I would like to travel and share my perspective with people around the world and in my own area.

..Start making your list of what new Beginnings you would like to have in 2022, and feel free to comment on the post as well.

Everybody is getting sick 

i would like to start by saying that Everybody is not getting sick. But a whole lot of people  out there is getting sick. For everybody that is under weather I hope that you have a speedy recovery. Being sick is the worst. it really sucks. when i get sick , a good remedy i use is i eat a whole head of garlic and swig honey with every clove i down. I eat jalapeños as well. This may be a lot for people who are not into eating raw garlic. It does effect your stomach. But If you can eat garlic and sleep through out the sickness you can recover pretty quickly. At least you will feel better quickly but you still have to be carful who and what your around cuase if you jump out the bed too soon you can be sick for a real long time. I remember one time when i was younger every time i started to feel a little bit better I would run outside like the worst was over and it came back .i swear i think i was sick for like a month. Be safe and take care of you and everyone you're around.