Everybody is getting sick

i would like to start by saying that Everybody is not getting sick. But a whole lot of people  out there is getting sick. For everybody that is under weather I hope that you have a speedy recovery. Being sick is the worst. it really sucks. when i get sick , a good remedy i use is i eat a whole head of garlic and swig honey with every clove i down. I eat jalapeños as well. This may be a lot for people who are not into eating raw garlic. It does effect your stomach. But If you can eat garlic and sleep through out the sickness you can recover pretty quickly. At least you will feel better quickly but you still have to be carful who and what your around cuase if you jump out the bed too soon you can be sick for a real long time. I remember one time when i was younger every time i started to feel a little bit better I would run outside like the worst was over and it came back .i swear i think i was sick for like a month. Be safe and take care of you and everyone you're around. 

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