New Beginnings in 2022

I pray and hope that everyone is having happy holidays and is planning for a positive and/or productive New year. Maybe you want to be more healthy , more honest, funnier, more talented, or less successful , No matter what the case may be, don't give up. Laugh, and roll with the punches. A good thing to remember is when you are closest to successfully fulfilling a task is when distractions and bull shit try to seep in. Keep going and keep loving yourself.....

..Some of my plans this year is to share my art with more people. I would like to make more art that puts people in a good mood. Since this is the era of the N.F.T. I would also like to launch my first set of N.F.T.s and work more with cans and collage pieces.

..I want to donate art that will help people and be for a cause. I would like to travel and share my perspective with people around the world and in my own area.

..Start making your list of what new Beginnings you would like to have in 2022, and feel free to comment on the post as well.

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