To me family was always everything. No matter how much you get annoyed with them they are always around. sometimes you fight and all that, but it does not  matter after a while, and everything is forgotten.  But  today a lot of people  take their  family , Brothers , and sisters , for granted. It pains me to watch a brother grime or disrespect his flesh and blood behind his back. It hurts me to see a sister that won't talk to her sister or mother over trivial things. Because the family is the "original tribe" sort of speak. It takes a lot of ego to break the family. A lot of back biting and involvement of other people out side of the family as well. A lot of negative comments from people that are not blood ,that have nothing to do with the family. If you have family keep them close and protect them. Think about them when your talking about them and if you decide to complain with someone who does not know the situation all the way be careful cause this could be very reckless to your family core.Me on the phone with friends wishing i had family to talk to.

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